Dear Valued Customer
with the attached message we would like to inform you that we are receiving concerning information from the USA regarding the actual situazione of land transportation in the USA. The shippings lines, trucking companies and all interested parties are underlining the seriousness of the trucking situation as a result of various factors and we highlight the most important below: - the introduction of ELD (Electronic Logging Device) which is the equivalent of the tachograph which we already have in Europe and which strictly controls the driving hours and miles per day. - the difficulty to find qualified truck drivers despite a growing market. - the recent weather conditions have heavily impacted all logistics operations, both at the ports and at the inland ramps. - last but not least the congestion that is being caused as a result of an accumulation of containers at the terminals, which itself is resulting in delays in delivery that are varying from 2 to 7 days. Further, we have already received preadvice from various sources which are indicating the eminent arrival of notable increases in trucking costs in the USA. Below are the current indications of the level of increase to be expected, which we have received so far: “From 0-200 miles one way range increase is between 20% and 25% From 200 to 400 miles one way range increase is between 35% and 40% (the trucking company ma require a lay-over fee if driver cannot go back to origin within allotted hours of service) Over 400 miles one way increase is between 45 and 50% (layover fee is demanded)” For those who may be interested, below is a link with an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal: Go to link

We will contimue to keep you informed as the situation develops. Yours sincerely.